Dates of Meetings
Bradford On Tone

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Dates Of Meeting


15 July

16 September

18 November - set precept for following year


20 January

16 March - to include Annual Parish Meeting

18 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting - election of officers

20 July

21 September

16 November - set precept for following year

All meetings (other than the March meeting which will be  held in the Village Hall) will be held in the Chant Room, Village Hall, Bradford on Tone, starting at 7.30 pm.

General Information

The press and public are always welcome at meetings and there is an opportunity for issues to be raised and discussed at the end of the meeting. Anyone can contact any Councillor or the Clerk by telephone, email or in writing, asking that a particular issue be brought to the attention of the next Council Meeting.

Where appropriate Councillors are required to declare an interest (personal and/or judicial) on any agenda item in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held each March. This is an opportunity for village organisations to give a report on the past year’s activities and future objectives.